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A Better Way to Sell Your Home
Until recently, if you wanted to sell your home you had basically two options. You could list your home with an old-fashioned Realtor® and pay the typical 6-7% commission to sell your home. For a $200,000 home that could mean over $12,000 in commissions!

Or, if you were the adventurous type, you could try to sell your home "for sale by owner", also known by the acronym "FSBO" (pronounced "fizbo"). Though some people are indeed successful selling their home as a FSBO, studies show that the vast majority of people who try to sell their home this way eventually end up listing their home with a real estate agent.

Why is this? It's because most FSBO's find that the majority of people that call regarding their house are either nosey neighbors, bargain hunters (they figure since your not paying a commission to a Realtor then they will be able to get a "deal") or real estate agents wanting to list their home!

The bottom line is that most people find that selling their home
"by owner" is a huge waste of time and money.

Now there is another way. At Florida Flat Rate Realty, we believe that you should have the option of only paying for the services that you need to sell your home. As licensed Realtors, we offer you the most powerful tool available to sell your home, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), at a savings of thousands of dollars over the traditional full commission-based approach.

The MLS is a premium marketing service that uses a localized network of real estate brokerage firms. Therefore, listing with a single member of the MLS places your home in front of all members of the MLS. This means that thousands of qualified and interested buyers that work with Realtor members of the MLS will have access to your home's information.

Statistics show that homes listed on the MLS typically sell faster and for more money than homes sold "by owner". Finally, with Florida Flat Rate Realty you can list your home on the MLS for as little as $495. There is no reason to sell "by owner" or pay 4-7% commission to sell your home ever again.

Click here and learn how you can list your home on the MLS for as litttle as $495!
For more information call toll-free: 1-866-FLA-FLAT
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All MLS listing programs require the offering of a commission if a real estate licensee finds you a buyer. If you find a buyer without a real estate licensee, you will owe no commission. This is not a solicitation for a listing if your property is already listed with a broker.